About My Practice

Daniel Santos
41 Paragon rd
         Ontario, M9R1J9

Daniel Santos is a Toronto-based Visual and Digital Artist that specializes in design. He currently studies at Humber College's Visual and Digital program. In this program, he has studied traditional and digital mediums such as photography, figure drawing, digital painting, compositional painting, and many more. He is also fluent in a wide variety of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere Pro, with 4 years of experience with a wide variety of programs. He’s abilities to capture important physical conceptual ideas through photogenic ideas and techniques. Some of these ideas and techniques are life and how we celebrate it, light/dark, and how they bring into the 3Dimansional perspective, remembrance, and how we celebrate the lies that were sacrificed so we could live. Daniel has designed logos for letterman jackets and a range of graphics. He is experienced in photo editing, both frame, and video animation. Daniel is currently working on a series of paintings that combine music and art, which will be shown at Current.Within all Daniel’s artwork the theme coincides with impactful experiences that are currently happening in my life. Ever since he was a small child, he had problems socializing with other people. When completing his works, he focuses on his works being able to speak for themselves in the color used and the main subject of the piece. Before any piece, I first begin drawing different versions of the central concept that I have in my head, and I look at all of them, then choose the one that best speaks to me. Once I figured out what kind of artist I was, and used 2D shapes combined with gradients to give them a specific 3D form allowing the viewer to connect with the work.