Koi Fish -15x15inch - Pastel Drawing on Paper
Galloping Stallion -11x15inch -Oil Painting on art board
 Dark Castle -8X10inch -Original 
Photography edited using Photoshop
Hand -10x8inch -Pencil Drawing
Hand 2 -10x8inch -Pencil drawing
Frog -8x10inch -Pencil 
and ink drawing 
High School Logo -8x10inch -Digital Drawing using Adobe Illustrator
Space Adventure 2 -8x10inch -Digital drawing using Adobe Illustrator 
1/3 PIECE BAND -24X18inch - Oil and acrylic painting 
3/3 PIECE BAND -24X18inch - Oil and acrylic painting 
Psychedelic Nude -12x16inch -Acrylic and Oil painting on art board
Indiana Jones -18x24inch -Graphite drawing
Harmony Whale -19x14inch -Pencil crayon 
New York Postcard -8x10inch -Digital Drawing using Adobe Illustrator
Modern take on Roy Lichtenstein's Blond Girl -8x10inch -Digital Drawing using Photoshop
Eye of the Tiger -32x20inch -Graphite and Pastel drawing
Space Adventure Arcade Game AD -8x10inch -Digital Drawing using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat 
Animalistic figure 2 -10x20inch -Graphite
Hidden Eyes -10x8inch -Digital Painted Animation using adobe Photoshop
Health Religion -20x15inch -Gouache and gilded painting
Elephants Dream -8x10inch -Graphite and Ink drawing
 Animalistic figure 1 -30x20inch -Conte drawing
Crystal Bridge -24x30inch -Oil Painting on Canvas

Hidden Faces -24x18inch -Oil Painting on Canvas
The David -31x20inch -Graphite drawing
Remembrance -8x10inch -Photography Blend using Photoshop