The Midnight Journey Book Cover

For the graphic-based image cover, I drew inspiration from key themes and elements of the book. My primary focus was on the concept of multiple lives, symbolized through the knight chess piece, representing the protagonist Nora’s journey.

The rectangles surrounding the knight chess piece evoke the opening scene where Nora and the librarian play chess, setting the stage for her exploration of different life paths. The front text embodies the professional, systematic nature of a library, while the block-like shapes reflect the structured form of library stacks.

This design not only captures the essence of the narrative but also visually communicates the orderly yet multifaceted nature of Nora’s journey.

Type Based Poster

With this poster, my initial aim was to create a professional design characterized by clean lines and typography. However, as I experimented with various fonts and their forms, a completely different concept emerged. The result was a more fun and friendly design, prompting me to choose playful fonts like Futura and Adorn.

Inspired by the whimsical style of Dr. Seuss posters, I explored diverse typographic layouts used by other artists. I was particularly drawn to the idea of falling type, reminiscent of how Legos scatter in a bin. This playful element became a central feature of my design.

Additionally, I experimented with the colors and opacity of the title and background graphics. This experimentation allowed me to create a cohesive design that highlights the text as the main focal point. Through this process, I believe I successfully achieved my goal of crafting a poster that emphasizes typography in an engaging and visually appealing manner, especially considering this is only my second attempt at such a project.

Donald Judd’s Magazine Spread8x10inch

In this project, my primary goal was to embody Donald Judd’s minimalistic art style while creating a visually engaging experience. To achieve this, I designed the viewer's journey through the content in reverse. This unconventional approach aligns with the minimalist aesthetic, which is inherently simple yet intriguing, encouraging deeper exploration.

To complement Judd’s art style, I initially used a monochromatic palette, reflecting his typical restriction to 2-3 colors. However, based on feedback from a critique session, I introduced color to enhance the composition's visual appeal. The incorporation of pull quotes further enriched the pages, adding layers of interest and depth.

Not fully satisfied with the initial iterations, I proceeded to a third version where I added lines to frame the text. These lines not only unified the layout but also echoed Judd’s signature box-like and linear forms.

I also experimented with an 8x6 grid, which effectively supported the overall layout and helped achieve the desired balance and structure. This grid system provided a solid foundation, allowing for creativity while maintaining coherence with Judd’s minimalistic principles.

More Designs To Come_ More designs to come_